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Balancing work and social needs can create stress and chaos in your relationships. Living with chronic stress can have profound affects on your mind and body, and can even impair your spirit. If you've had a lot of stress or trauma in the past, your mind and body can become conditioned to expect bad things to happen in the present. Memories from highly stressful events are often stored in the body as your physiology continues to react to perceived danger long after the threat is gone. You may be more vulnerable to developing a stress reaction which can appear as overwhelming and uncomfortable emotions, body sensations, and thoughts. Your mind can get stuck in unhelpful patterns of rumination and judgment. Perhaps you have an overdeveloped inner critic which judges every decision you make. You may feel fatigued making it difficult to accomplish everyday tasks. These patterns can affect your sense of trust in yourself and the world and contribute to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness about life situations. 

What is Wellness Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy (also known as counseling, talk therapy, or simply therapy) is a general term used to describe talking to a trained professional about conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to relationship conflicts and career frustrations. Wellness Therapy is an interpersonal, relational experience that provides a safe space to express personal thoughts, history, and struggles with an emphasis on how the mind and body effect each other.  

Through psychotherapy sessions, you can:
Gain big-picture insight into the different aspects of your situation so you can better understand it.
Learn how to identify and change behaviors or thoughts that adversely affect your life.
Explore relationships and experiences and their effects on the mind and body.
Find better ways to cope and solve problems that effect the wellbeing of the individual or the group one belongs to.
Learn to set better mind and body goals for yourself (yourselves) on your transformational journey.
Referrals to other licensed practitioners who have other expertise in body-mind therapies.

 We offer a wide range of services, with areas of expertise that include:
Parenting Support
Stress Management
Trauma and PTSD
Work and Career Concerns
Life Transitions
Grief and Loss
Culture and Identity Issues
Adolescents and Young Adults
Family Therapy
Couples Therapy

Services are offered in a warm, relaxing office setting conveniently located in the heart of Sherwood,Oregon, at Hunter's Ridge.

Having trouble balancing it all?

Is stress making you feel out of control and ill?

Are you struggling in your relationships right now and feeling worn out?

Would you like to become less emotionally reactive and more solution-focused?

Are you ready to experience deep emotional healing in order to reconnect to your true self and a sense of wellbeing? 

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